Cipher Capital | A Systematic Approach to Investing
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Cipher’s research and investment process is based on the founder’s belief that a systematic and disciplined approach is essential to achieving long-term success.

Models must prove statistically strong, yet must also be supported by sound economic rationale. Equally important is the belief that the commoditization of many typical quant strategies has blurred the line between true alpha and systematic style premia. Cipher’s strategies clearly delineate and harvest both sources of return.


Cipher’s management team has extensive professional experience and expertise in all facets of quantitative investment management. The team has leveraged their knowledge and experience to develop proprietary systems for research, portfolio construction, risk management, and trade execution.

Prior to founding Cipher, the team focused on research and trading at AQR Capital Management, one of the largest quantitative asset managers in the world. Previously, they were at Goldman Sachs, where they focused on equity trading and the development of algorithmic trading systems. Their knowledge of market microstructure has enabled them to optimize portfolio implementation, capturing additional sources of alpha through trade execution. Team members have been at the forefront of risk management research, having led the development of multiple risk models which are currently used by some of the largest financial institutions in the world.


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